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better the devil you know


a 'fuck you' mix to moffat because:
↪"I’m writing quite funny this year – I’m pushing him the other way”

an instrumental mix, with annotations highlighting why dark characterisation is bomb af

dark (adjective):
1. Sullen or threatening
2. Characterized by gloom or pessimism; dismal or bleak
3. Unknown or concealed; mysterious
4. Morally corrupt; vicious: dark deeds; a dark past.
5. Having richness or depth

♚the deep and lovely dark, we'd never see the stars without it♚

12 tracks
2 comments on better the devil you know

a truly beautiful mix you have here! I am overwhelmed by how good it is. The tense, dramatic feel to it made me want to run and do something crazy outside, lol. But thank you so much!