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a playlist for Dorian. (my powerful genius(&beautiful) son)
I love dorian.
based on sound mostly instead of lyrics. so more of a "THIS IS HOW DORIAN SOUNDS TO ME" kind of playlist.

10 tracks
5 comments on Pariah

Oh my god, this is definitely the most Dorian-like Dorian playlist I've come across, and it's introduced me to a genre of music I was hoping (but didn't realize) existed!! :D

@egoisty Thank you so much! I had a blast making this playlist, and it means so much that you enjoyed it and i am so happy that it introduced you to some new stuff too!! :D:D

ooh great. I can totally see where you're coming from with the "sound" thing... Heavyweight especially sounds like a song to cast necromantic spells to

@Allison.Orange Thank you so much! Right? i immediately had to add heavyweight, the transitions were too perfect! Thank you so much for listening and i am super glad you enjoyed the playlist! :D