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Ballads & Harmonies


My biggest weakness? Slow, heart-felt ballads (bonus points for those with harmonies).

45 swoon-worthy ballads from a variety of artists spanning 3 decades.

Includes everything from Rascal Flatts to Nelly.

Need more ballads? Check out my all boy band ballad mix:

45 tracks
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This is TOP 2 of mixes IVE ever! come across on 8tracks. and this is number one and idk nor do i care what number 2 is. this is pure genius and brillance! GAHH ok rant over :)

ok but are you srs!!! KAtelyn tarver! s club 7! omg omg i think youre my favorite. i cant wait to hear the rest of your mixes and i havent felt that way about any other 8tracks dj!! hellp! ok im done i swear :)

@Malmskeezy Huge! ballad lover here! And don't get me started on harmonies and ad-libs XD. And yes! im proud to say i knew of katelyn since Rain was my middle school jam and later Chasing echoes had me getting over an ex. or just crying. haha

@Malmskeezy I heard about that! I had no idea about the show, and didn't watch it, but that was one of the first things I learned about her, that she was on there!