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All I've ever known


54 minutes of laid back acoustic(ish) covers. All the songs you know and love, plus a few you haven't heard yet; nonetheless, each of these artists have amazing voices and each cover has a really unique take on the original song. 15 tracks.

15 tracks
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Absolutely wonderful playlist! You really got me at the "Dancing in the Dark" cover, oh my, so good. Do you get all of your music off of iTunes?

A lot them I bought on iTunes or got from friends, but I downloaded some of them from YouTube too. "Dancing In The Dark" should be on iTunes though.

Thanks for listening. I'm glad you liked it. :)

This is such a gorgeous playlist, got me through my nightmare of an essay. I was wondering if you could tell me who the artist is singing "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room"? :) xx

Hey! Glad you like it. That cover is By Jayme Dee. You can find her on both youtube and iTunes I believe. Thanks for listening!