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★ I'm a St✩r ★


because this lil sea pup gives me so much life

UPDATE: This playlist is also for the beautiful Brionne who has just graced us with their presence!

UPDATE 2: Also for the magnificent Primarina!


songs will be added as I see fit
artwork is my own

13 tracks
3 comments on ★ I'm a St✩r ★

ahh this playlist is so adorably endearing ! it's positive, upbeat, and reminds me of why popplio is my favorite of the alola bunch. i put this on whenever i engage my morning workouts ! thank you so much for manufacturing this lovely masterpiece, honey bunnelby

@Lιттlє Mιѕѕ Ɛναηgєlιηє oh my god your comment makes me wanna cry thank you so much! I just wanted to make a positive playlist for the lil sea pup and I'm so happy you enjoy it so much! Thank you for such a lovely comment you are the true mvp (˶′◡‵˶✿)