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Lanky Spirit


A playlist for Max, the main character of my series Guardian Ghost, at least the living one.

The poor ball of nerves with an unbelievable amount of ghostly energy inside him

(and also a good chunk of songs since he attracts the most of them)

These are in no particular order and will probably be updated occasionally

  • A Nervous Tic Motion by musicthatspeaksnow
  • (Soundtrack) ABC's Greys Anatomy by Jem
  • An Acoustic Evening w Blue October/09 X Amount of Words by ces12470
  • In My Head Its Like Hell( by Ost The Cat Lady
  • Young Men Dead by The Black Angels
  • Every Day Is Exactly the Same (One of the musics of Wanted) by Nine Inch Nails
  • You're Going Down (D&B) by Sick Puppies
  • Another Way Out [Lyrics Video] by Hollywood undead
8 tracks
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