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keep studying


a playlist that help me to study (:

  • John powell by John Powell
  • Disney by Hercules
  • The Lion King by Disney
  • "Dark Horse" Piano Improvisation Cover by Katy Perry
  • " Do You Want To Build A Snowman " by Disney (Piano OST Soundtrack) by Frozen
  • Maestro by Hans Zimmer
  • Coeur De Pirate Place De La République by Coeur de Pirate
7 tracks
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lol omg I love that you put "do you want to build a snowman" on this mix. I'm actually studying right now trying to finish a major final paper. My poor boyfriend is across the table - and has been for hours - waiting for me to finish so we can go and hang out with our friends (who've also been waiting for hours). lol I had to laugh as it seemed a bit ironic when it came on for me - as i'm sure they all feel the way anna did singing that song.