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(not) over it


i loved you and you hurt me over and over and i miss you every day and i dont care if you die

  • Kettering by 02
  • I'm Sorry I Love You by BIG
  • Atrophy (The Antlers cover) by neongud
  • Love Love Love by Of Monsters And Men
  • Two (Daytrotter Session) by The Antlers
  • Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance
  • I've Run Away to Join the Fairies by FARTS
  • The Mountain Goats Get Lonely 09 Woke Up New by lilfeffrey
  • The Mountain Goats Get Lonely 03 Half Dead by starflyer
  • Epilogue (The Antlers) by CodySmoldt
  • Ripchord (Rilo Kiley cover) by tungkissme
  • It Just Is by Rilo Kiley
12 tracks
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