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turnt shidae


A collection of hard-hitting Girls' Generation remixes.

[when you want to jam out to snsd in the club & you crave that sick beat]

  • I got a boy (areia remix) [#108] by Girls' Generation
  • The Boys (Justin Levai Remix) by Girls' Generation (SNSD 소녀시대)
  • [MOOMBAHTON] TaeTiSeo by holler
  • RunDevilRun (Robotaki Remix) by Girls' Generation
  • The Boys [Foxsky Remix] by Girls Generation
  • THE GREAT ESCAPE (Brian Lee remix) by 소녀시대 SNSD
  • Genie (Child In Disguise Remix) by snsd
  • Visual Dreams (areia trance remix) by 【050】SNSD
  • Genie 소원을 말해봐 (Robotaki Remix) by Girls' Generation
  • Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'Mr.Mr.' ~Onionbounce Mix~ by ApieceofOnion
  • The Boys (Monbat Remix)*Justin Levai & VERS* by Girls' Generation (SNSD 소녀시대)
  • LOS EDIT) by SNSD The Great Escape/Show Show Show (A
  • SNSD I Got a Boy i5cream remix (Full) by i5cream
  • SNSD Girls Regeneration Kissing You (LiL SAMSVNG Kiss Your Booty Remix) by LiL SAMSVNG
14 tracks
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