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Music From Steven Universe


Do you love the music from Steven Universe and wish they would make a cd of all the music?? Well here is the next closest thing a playlist with most of the music from the show so far!!!! (this includes singing songs and instrumental, if you notice I'm missing one feel free to let me know I'm trying my best to get most of them but I easily could have forgotten a few. Also if you happen to know a better quality of any of these songs please let me know! I'm trying to constantly update it)

EDIT: I've added Instrumental music from the steven bomb!

57 tracks
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It'd be cool if you also added a few of the more iconic instrumental tracks: "Steven's Shield," "Dad Museum," "Pearl's Theme," "Opal," "Dance of Swords," "Lion's Ocean," "Rose's Room," "Sugilite Returns," "I am Lapis Lazuli," "Mirror Match," "Peridot," "Twilight Run," "I'm Still Here," "Gem Shards," and "Sardonyx" are all pretty good options.

@Akavakaku OHHHHH thank you for that suggestion! I'll work on getting those songs and adding them! It helps a lot to have the names!