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Soviet Youth 2

3 comments on Soviet Youth 2

Hello and thank you for your beautiful mixes! Your grandpa sure have great collection! Can you put Carlos Espinola's Diary by Alexey Rybnikov on Youtube too? I searched but found nothing. Sorry for any inconvenience (also sorry for my english, i`m not native speaker).

@verbeI Hi! Thanks for you comment! I'm glad you liked the mixes, I'll publish some more over time! The collection is great indeed :) The track you asked about is on YouTube now! Alexey Rybnikov - Carlos Espinola's Diary

Another beautiful mix! Seriously, I heard How Can You Live Without Spring by Victor Lebedev and I had to stop work and listen. Do you have the Youtube link for the instrumental version of that song? Because I need it on repeat. I only found versions with singing.

@asaree Thank you very much! Now you can enjoy this song on repeat! Unfortunately, I can't insert a link here, but try to find it on YouTube: Victor Lebedev - How can you live without spring (instrumental). If you want some other songs to be on YouTube, just say so! I will be glad to do that for you and other listeners!