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My Top 39 Hatsune Miku Songs


Counting down from #39 to #1!

My choices are heavily influenced by being a dedicated Project Diva player and also having a Vocaloid phase in 2011- but a few songs wouldn't be applicable for either! A lot, but not all, are in "The Many Voices of Hatsune Miku" playlist.

1. Must predominately feature Miku, far more than anyone else in the song if it's not already a solo (no Matryshoka)
2. No covers, songs must originally be preformed by Miku (no Giga-P 1, 2 Fan Club)
3. Order was selected using a picker with the same html as the Pokemon picker because actually plotting this out purely off the top of my head would be rather difficult.

If you want to know what the even #40 is, it's ODDS&ENDS by ryo

39 tracks