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still the best husband


"A mercenary of Nohr. Xander's retainer. His personal history and origins are unknown. Though he is a cheerful flirt who loves women, he is actually a very shy person inside. He is great at dancing, and seeks to perfect his technique. The one who takes the most nightly strolls in the army."


I was going to make this before Fates came out as a sequel to my Inigo mix (it's one of my first actual mixes), but I kinda forgot about it until recently. Because Inigo was the first of my Awakening series, Laslow is the first one of my Fates series! More will be coming soon enough (including one for his precious daughter), but I gotta get around to actually playing Conquest first.

The first Inigo mix I made:
Other Fates Character mixes:

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@hitorijanai Sorry for replying a bit late but thanks! I made a mix for Inigo in my Awakening collection and it was actually one of my first I ever made! :D - I'm saving him until my lunatic run of Revelation. In the meantime I randomized some husbands to unlock supports and got Dwyer, Niles, and Forrest respectively. I plan to marry Jakob and Leo in my lunatic runs of Birthright and Conquest (yes, thanks to a randomizer I am marrying my alternate universe sons >.>)