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Summer Mix #1

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... then continued later w/ 17) Gut Feeling - DEVO; 18) Lee Remick - The Go-Betweens; 19) Little Mascara - The Replacements; 20) Black & White - The dB's; 21) Taste of Cindy - JaM Chain; 22) The Whirlings - Dead Meadow; 23) Breaking Glass - David Bowie; 24) The Number One Song in Heaven - Sparks; 25) Planet Tokyo - PUFFY AMIYUMI ; no offense, I hope, marcnola - I realized that this could be a way to keep track of what I heard. In any case, 'not my normal cup of tea, but it was a fun change of pace. Well orchestrated mix. A lot of the tracks hold a real authenticity to them. Pretty straight forward. Garage rock, a lot of it, right? Tracks I liked most: Go-Betweens, Sparks, PUFFY AMIYUMI. Thanks.

1) Don't Change - INXS; 2) Lovesick - Orange Juice; 3) Sand in My Joints - Wire; 4) Pulling Mussels From the Shell - Squeeze; 5) When You Find out - The Nerves; 6) Brand - New - Life - young Marble Giants; 7) Fairytale in the Supermarket - Raincoats; 8) Stiff Little Fingers - The Vibrators; 9) Academy Fight Song - Mission of Burma; 10) Beyond Belief - Elvis Costello; 11) Man With the Money - The Who; 12) Flaming Torch - The Only Ones; 13) Marie Provost - Nick Lowe; 14) Dean's Dream - the Dead Milkmen; 15) I Wanna Sleep in Your Arms - The Modern Lovers; 16) Boys Will be Boys - Fast.... that's as far as I got before bed...

i'm only a few songs in but this one is pretty sweet. did you see my other mixes? there's one with some promise ring songs that i think you'll really like. ha!