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not every saint is a fool


a mixtape of songs addressed to petyr from sansa.

tracklist/tumblr post:

  • Volatile Times by IAMX
    Goodbye my friends, Goodbye to the money, Adieu to the fuckers that think that it's funny, I just want to turn the lights on, In these volatile times
  • Our Lies by Rasputina
    When I think of lie-filled love life that I've led. I row boats all day with Karl, Vlad and E. Leon. My tongue made of ivory, my teeth are all gone.
  • Becomes The Color (Stoker Soundtrack) by Emily Wells
    I become the daughter and the son, When the feast is over, Welcome to another one
  • Lean (Live With String Quartet) by Oh Land
    Did you try to defend me when I was weak, Did you pick me up that lonely night, When the lights died out, And they turned to the gray side
  • Demo) by On My Shoulders (The Do Cover
    And someday you'll see that all I want is to please, Next time I'll try it another way, How long will I sit and wait like a soldier ? How many summers will it take ? How many summers will I wait ?
  • chris corner by Chris Corner
    So questions, are we playing? your card an ace? Am I the joker in your hand or a friend on a bad day? More than speaking, more than thinking, silently you're on my side, No disguise, no hide-and-seeking
  • Lana Del Rey Original Mix by Gods & Monsters
    In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel. Living in the garden of evil, Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed.
  • Control by Poe
    While you were looking the other way, While you had your eyes closed, While you were licking your lips, 'Cause I was miserable, While you were tearing a hole in me, [...] I was taking control
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