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Seven Gods Seven Sins - Wrath


The seven deadly sins as symbolized by characters from A Song of Ice and Fire.
This one is about Arya and her wrath.
Others in this series:

Petyr Baelish - Greed :
Robert Baratheon - Gluttony :
Cersei Lannister - Lust :
Lysa Arryn - Envy :

  • Mahler Symphony No. 1, Mvt IV by American Youth Symphony
  • Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Gregorian chant dreams by lorenzoramos
  • The Dance Of The Knights by STRAVINSKY
  • Зима (Времена года RV 315) by Antonio Vivaldi
  • Toccata & Fugue in D minor (excerpt) by COR16112 J.S. Bach Organ Works Vol.II
  • Liszt Totentanz by dmsoundcloud4
  • Cold Song by Klaus Nomi
  • Carmina Burana: Oh Fortuna by Doctor Who Prom 2010
  • Verdi Requiem: "Dies Irae" by Amherst Symphony Orch
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