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"Suck out all the marrow of life" - Walden

Absorb and obtain all that life gives you, all the strength and vigor of life. Take it in and live it.

To live your life properly, one must start within.
Start your journey, and discover yourself.
Get lost in your thoughts, dream, discover, and simply love life.

I dedicate this mix to a person who I will always share my Walden with and discover the world. (you know who you are)
And of course to the two best little beings in my life.

  • We Move Lightly by Dustin O'Halloran
  • 08 - Charlies First Kiss by me-writing
  • Kathy And Tommy (OST Never let me go) by Rachel Portman
  • We Had Today by Rachel Portman
  • 15 New Moon (The Meadow) by ninaronja
  • Winter Tree by Biggi Hilmars
  • Rain by Brian Crain
  • Arrival of the Birds by richfilm1
  • 07 Song for Sienna 1 by nazac
  • Brian Crain - piano on Vimeo by Dream of Flying
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