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exchange year


this one goes out to all the exchange students out there just like me. hoping these songs will inspire you, make you smile and push through it all, and be the soundtrack of your experience.
(this also works for everyone who's willing to leave their home, wants to travel, leave everything behind and make the most out of it)

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I am an exchange student from Germany spending a year in Amerika. Now I only have 20 days left and these songs help me very well with my mixed feelings about leaving this wonderful place, friends and hostfamily and going back home. This mix is perfect and I listen to it everynight now. Thanks :)

I'm from the US, with only 3 months left in my year in France. Thank you for this mix, it is perfect and makes me feel so much better on the bad days (there are a lot of them). <3

you're welcome, glad it made you feel better! i've got one month left here in the uk and yea bad days happen but we're almost there! keep going <3

I've been back home from my study abroad stay for a few months now, and this mix just gave me such a strong burst of nostaligia I nearly burst into tears. agreeing that it works as a "homesickness" mix for the place you've left. great mix! thanks.