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lonely ghosts [a welcome to night vale mix]


Songs to drive to in the dark when you should be sleeping, out into the desert on nights where you are suddenly aware that you are stranded and dying and small, and it doesn't make you sad because you've always known that, but it still seems like the kind of thought that warrants a late night drive, maybe with someone you love, maybe by yourself, but not alone, because the radio sings to everyone, and tonight it sings to you.

15 tracks
5 comments on lonely ghosts [a welcome to night vale mix]

this is my favourite mix i've probably listened to it twelve million times. my favourite is teeth in the grass it's perfect <3

Ahhhh thank you, and teeth in the grass is such a great song. It's one of those ones I was hoarding for awhile until I thought I had a mix it was perfect for.