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The Music on V's Jukebox


"There are 872 songs on here. I've listened to them all... but I've never danced to any of them."

A collection of songs that I rate V would have on his jukebox.
Let's get real though, this mix doesn't have 872 songs on it ;)
Included are some of the songs played in the film.
Featuring a mix of artists from Elvis Presley to Slipknot to Coldplay. A little bit of everything.

40 tracks
4 comments on The Music on V's Jukebox

This is a great playlist. I am making one for my own personal use, and would like to offer you a tip on how jukebox's work. They have whole albums, not just a single song. So if you want to get closer to the 872 songs actually on his jukebox, add the whole album of the songs you currently have. I feel it is very accurate to what V would actually listen to. An album at a time.

I love this. The use of the cat power song from the movie was cool on its own, but then how it immediately went joni mitchell kinda broke my heart. Good stuff.