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Laurel: Time is Love


For Valentine's Day this year, I'm celebrating by creating 8tracks playlists that remind me of the way my people love.

This one is for my sweet Laurel. At the center of Laurel's love is time. She's slow to open, but when she does, she is with you for life. There are no ways to cut corners to Laurel's heart. It is about putting in the time. For friends, this means spending long Saturdays crafting and singing off-key. For family, this means opening presents on Skype together. For the man she loves, this means always making time for date night and never minding that she'll always be ready a few minutes late.

To say that Laurel's love is worth the time it takes is an understatement. For I can assure you. If you put in the time -- there will be fireworks.

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