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Lauren: Reassurance


For Valentine's day this year, I'm celebrating by creating 8tracks playlists full of songs that remind me of my people.

This one is for Lauren mou. At the center of her love is reassurance. For some sweet and unknown reason, Lauren worries (and then worries a bit more). So love for Lauren is not just telling, but retelling her, that you love her.

It is never going to bed angry. It is holding her hand and not letting go. It is calling her up just to remind her she's worth it.

Do not be mistaken, telling this sweet woman that you love again and again is no chore. No. It is a blessing. For each time you are reminded of how grateful you are that she's around & with you. I think of her heart as a well worn record, with the same gorgeous love song on repeat. It will never get old.

10 tracks
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