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Happy Summer Days.

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ahhh.. been struggling for HOURS to get inspiration for my next design project - this playlist just broke down a few pesky walls ;) LOVE IT! plenty thanks!

yess the mix just got better and better as it progressed! once hall and oates came on i couldn't help but dance :p and yess naked and famous is great i saw them a while back! Keep making awesome mixes pwease!

I'm very glad to hear that!
You Make My Dreams makes me feel exactly that way, makes me feel like walking like he does in 500 Days of Summer.
Really? They must be amazing live. Haha sure, I'll try to keep them coming

haha i instantly thought of 500 days as soon as that came on :) i mean thats just what happens whenever a song is used perfectly like that! and they really are GOO if they are ever close to you! and i mean it was just a suggestion do whateva you want to! ;)

The soundtrack of that movie is awesome. Of course I will go if they ever come to mexico or something. And I love doing these things so they will keep coming, I just hope you like them all :)

I am starting to become obsessed with 8tracks as well! it makes me happy all these kids love good music :) and i totally agree a great soundtrack and fingers crossed that they make it to mexico! and i am sure i will enjoy every mix you have check out mine :)