Structure of the 2022 social studies essay

The social studies exam is coming up and you're still shaking at the word "essay"? That needs to be fixed soon! Read on to find out what awaits you in the detailed structure and thematic units.

What's new?
Because the 2022 changes have crept into almost every unit and assignment in every subject, the social studies essay has also lost its pristine look.

Now instead of the usual number 29, we have a mini essay, "split" into 2 tasks:

#24, where the graduate will have to make a complex plan
#25 - the essay itself, namely and an explanation of the meaning of the concept and the aspects related to it
What do these two tasks have in common? What they have in common is the theme and wording: "You need to prepare a report...".

In complexity, both parts are approximately equal, and it is necessary to allocate sufficient, and most importantly, the same amount of time.

Thematic sections
The main content blocks on the USE in social sciences remained unchanged:

A Person and Society;
Social relations;
Law of the Russian Federation;
Of course, knowing the basic theory for each of the sections is very important. You have not yet forgotten that it is not just to read, but also to make sense of it).

Grading Criteria
Here let's talk about how many points the experts have evaluated your future works.

Let's start with #24, for which the maximum is 4 points. There are only two criteria:

24.1 Substantive coverage of the topic (3 points)

24.2 Correctness of wording of points and subparagraphs of the plan

There are some prerequisites, without which your plan will not even be examined:

presence of at least 3 paragraphs;
the topic is disclosed completely, but in essence;
at least 2 points are detailed in the subparagraphs;
each of these details consists of at least three subparagraphs;
For #25 you can also get 4 initial points, although there is only one criterion here - compliance with the structure of the answer given in the wording of the task.

But reasoning as in a personal journal will not work here. Your essay should be coherent and structured, such an essay you can get using for example, you can stick to the following plan:

An answer to a specific question asked.
Three examples-illustrations (you need to write them in detail)
Now you are familiar with the social studies essay. Don't you agree, it's not that scary? Practice preparing "reports" and show your skills on the USE!


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