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"we can't ever tell anyone"

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Love this playlist! I'm a total brallie fan! One question though. Do you think that Callie and Brandon will get back together even though Callie's adopted? They did tell each other that they loved each other.

@Dancer411 To quote Maia Mitchell, things aren't all black and white, I am rooting for them. Maia is. Most of the cast too. Nothing is final in TV land, not even death (I've lost count of how many times people have faked their death or been brought back to life somehow anyway I digress) and so I definitely feel as if it is not over. Like you said, they told each other that they loved each other, after all this time they're still in love with each other and it's going to be very difficult for them to pretend like they don't especially after having slept together in 3x09. Never say never. Keep the faith!