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The Mother's Devil


"we were the children of subtle witchcraft
we were the children of restless galaxies
"we were the children of mountain ashes
the children of ruins
the children of destruction
the children of wildfires, of wild mice, of sewer rats and dead bugs
the children of disappearing acts
of magicians tricks
of who can cut who in half
of who can pull who from their hat
of who can make who vanish behind the smoke
of who is the rabbit & who is stuck in handcuffs

and we had a mother, an unfortunate mother that wanted to be our mother too much, and we had a ghost an unfortunate phantom with his hands buried in a gun, and we had the summer, eternal in all it's haze, and all it's captivity, they were the centre of. "

[Flint / Hemming ]

8 tracks
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