Is this playlist safe for work?

It's allways a good time


This playlist is perfect for those times when everything just feels good and a bit of cheerful music makes it even more perfect :D
Happy music, perfect for dancing, singing or just enjoying

cover art: pink monster by marijime50

88 tracks
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what do you mean by post the whole playlist? send you the list of all the songs that it has?
I am glad you liked it ;)

I would love to but they are 93 songs. Let me see what I can do. Anyway, your 8 tracks is supposed to be showing the list of songs as it plays (it only shows the songs that have been played). if you listen to it on your cellphone, you can click on the "i" that appears on the right side of the screen and the list of shongs that have been listened will appear on display. There must be something similar if you listened to it on your computer .
I hope that info was of help.
* ir you liked a specific song, you can listen to ir on youtube by clicking on it.