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first couple songs are more up tempo, but it slows down over the course of the mix! (it will also still sound pretty good when shuffled)

listen to this when: confused, sad, content, heartbroken, in love, unfocused, restless, or just tired

tracklist here!

19 tracks
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Normally i can't listen to music when i write, but this playlist inspired me and i've written more in the past 20 minutes than i have in a very long time. Thank you SO much !

in love with this oh my god i love your music taste! mine is similar and people think its weird but anyways nice mix im in love

it's a mashup of "a world alone" and "animal" by miike snow! I originally uploaded the regular world alone version but 8tracks always replaces it with this version and idk why :/ (here is the link if you want! thank youu :)