Marina is my name and I'm aged 22. I reside in Lviv. I am an SMM specialist. We invite you to our online showroom fashion clothes. We are a young, growing clothing brand. The creation and selection of the collections we create, we try and attempt to tap into the emotion, strength, and deep soft, soft and extremely light, beautiful soul of man.
With a lot of love and affection, we choose things that will help you discover and reflect the individuality, the character and inner beauty of every one of you.

Today, a trend that is emerging in Ukraine is bags worn either on the belt or on the chest. They are also referred to as "bananas", "waist" or "breast" bag. Have ever wondered about the reason why fashion-conscious ladies loved this style so well?

First of all, the belt bag is a novelty and we're always searching for something new and unique. We're used massive shoulder bags. Then were introduced to fashionable shoulder bagsthat captivated us by their convenience and tiny dimensions. Backpack bags were then introduced to our lives and are likely to remain so for the next several years.

Then, in the present, one the most sought-after accessories is the belt bag. The 90s saw the debut of this style of accessory to the market. It was mostly used as an purse or purse at the time. It often carried money. They were made from cheap materials, most often cloth or cloak. The primary benefit was the capability to put essential items directly in front.
Already in 2018, these bags "played" in a completely new way. They began to be used as fashion accessories. In 2020, bananas will be loved by all ages. There are numerous shapes, sizes and colors offered.

What is it about belt bags that make us so happy?

Convenience. The good news is that comfortable and stylish accessories are trending today. All your things are right before you with "quick" accessibility.

You can combine them with many styles. Bananas can be worn with any style of clothing, including a skirt, pants, or dress. It is important to select the perfect bag.

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