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nobody else but me


fanmix for a (slightly) possessive jumin falling for mc


cover art by tevints on tumblr! their jumin art is a++ so check them out!!

this wasn't intended to be his bad end but if you ignore the very last song it definitely is;;

12 tracks
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i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks of jumin when they hear madness by muse! anyhow, such a good playlist! i was jamming hardcore!

breezeblocks made so uncomfortable listening to it with Jumin in mind. I never thought of it like this, but listening to the lyrics, I can never unhear this.. omg.

@wockenfuss thank you! breezeblocks was like Just unsettling enough... Jumin's inner conflict around feeling possessive and desperate made me want to include that sort of uneasiness in the mix... I'm glad it captured you (omg), at least!

I love the sense of progression and how this selection encapsulate Jumin's possessivenes, love, and confusion while he tries to figure himself and his feelings out. I think this is my favourite Jumin's fanmix of all I listened to. Good job!