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consign me not to darkness;

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Really nice ! Can I ask you what do you expect for Thomas this season ? Am I right to be so scared of the way the season will end for him ?...

@terencehiggs thank you so much! (sorry for the late reply!) honestly, i'm also afraid of how the series will end for him... i think suicide has been implied enough for him to at least attempt it (with his comments about how he can't see a future for himself and his obviously numerous failed attempts to secure a future at downton or a different job...) if he does survive the season, and fingers crossed, obviously, i really hope he not only finds love but is able to leave service and make a happier life for himself. personally i'd be very sad to see him take over as butler; after spending a decade trying to leave service, staying at downton until he's old would strike me as a very sad sort of defeat. so basically, goals: thomas lives, thomas is happy. expectations: ??? WHO KNOWS TBH. what are your thoughts?