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Oh Mug Of!


4 Paige
[Song Explanations]
1: tb to tragicivn xd
2: You're far away, ily, and a good ass song
3: Spn really brought us together, plus it's also a good ass song
4: Pretty much just a good ass song
5: "We're gonna have a good time, we're havin' a ball" basically us anytime we converse
6: I've come to know you completely through a phone screeen, and I thank modern technology for that
7: Just replace Esteban with Paige tbh
8: Title is u, plus gotta have Frank
9: Guardians of the Galaxy.,,, ((another good ass song))
10: I don't know the exact reason why, but there it is
11: 100% inaccurate title
12: Because this #mixtape is #for u
13: Your name on twitter was #1 Migraine stan at one point so ; - )
14: We're far away,,, and this song is actually good
hope u like it

14 tracks