Mark Faviell
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anarchy in the funk mix


A mix featuring artists on The Anarchy In The Funk Label (Anarchy In The Funk is the biggest breakbeat label in Brazil, also is basicly the main reference of these genres in South America.

Created in 2008 by DJs and producers Br Groove, Punkyhead and Marcelo K2, Anarchy In The Funk is the first Brazilian label destined exclusively to the Breakbeats. Breaks, electro, funky,

  • Twisted Love (Anarchy in The Funk Records) by Chris Radium
  • Over There (Anarchy in the Funk) by Punkyhead
  • Just Fuck (Anarchy in the Funk) by Br Groove & Punkyhead
  • Sonic Station (Anarchy in the Funk) by Br Groove & Punkyhead feat. G Souza
  • Datone (ANARCHY033) by Leser
  • Devil Unleashed (Chris Radium & Marcelo K2 Funk Society remix) by Radical G
  • Sunlight (SubFrequency Remix) (Phat Breaks EP by Electrophoto
  • Fired (The Malander's Theme by The Malander
  • Old Habbits (Electro Playground by Cosmic Force
  • This Is My Planet (Old Is Cool EP by Andre Motta
  • Psychoneurosis Breed (ANARCHY033) by Leser
  • Dont Go (Brazilian Funk Remix) 320 by MC Maxi Fun Feat. Yazoo
  • Dream of Bombay - Bit Funk Remix by Viceroy
13 tracks
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