Mark Faviell
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Jazz Remixed


A mix of jazz remixes that keep elements of the original but take into new dance realms

  • Angels (Dr. Rubberfunk Remix) by Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones
  • Black Crow (JK Remix) by Diana Krall
  • Summertime Jam (Billie Holiday) BitToryn Remix by BitToryn
  • Dinah Washington "Did You Hear Me" (Substratum Remix) by Boomnote Music
  • This Bitter Earth(Ghosst Remix)(Feat; DopeRock) by Dinah Washington
  • Ella Fitzgerald remix) by Real Stormy (Stormy Weather
  • Cry me a river (kaloo remix) by Ella Fitzgerald
  • The Charlie Parker Remix Project by Bird Up
  • 'My Funny Valentine' Gajo Dilo remix by Chet Baker
  • Slip Away (Groucho Marxx Remix) by Pat Metheny
  • Jungle Fire "Comencemos (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)" by Renegades Of Jazz
  • Firework (Satanimal jazz remix) by kclibman
  • So What (remix Miles Davis) by Erik Werkema
  • Rose Rouge (J-House bootleg remix) by St. Germain
14 tracks
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