Mark Faviell
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Majestic Mix


A mix from Dj Magazine

  • Mr. Cover Up Ft. PercIEve by PREMIERE: State Of Mind
  • Pacific (Lewis Lastella Remix) [Free Download by State
  • Lost in the Freezing Fog (free download NOW! Click Buy this track!) by Fingers In The Noise
  • 'Ding' by PREMIERE: CVNT
  • Clockmen (From the Kites of San Quentin Remix) by Borland
  • BNRY 'Hold On' by djmag
  • Semedo 'RK' by djmag
  • Disco Remodel by Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez 'Lotus Seven'
  • PREMIERE: Abby 'The Song Remains Through All' (Clockwork remix) by djmag
  • 03 A Girl From Jupiter by djmag
  • Free Track: Chesslo Junior 'YYXKK (DJ XXX remix) by djmag
  • Dub pistols by Dub Pistols
  • FREE DOWNLOAD: Applebottom 'T.M.P' by djmag
  • DANIEL STEINBERG by Daniel Steinberg
  • Soul Machine Master by Renato Ratier
  • 19 Cogito Ergo Sum by djmag
  • FREE DOWNLOAD: Will Berridge 'Stacking Options' by djmag
  • Old Factory by Renato Ratier
  • Left Your Love (Silky & Barber DJ MAG Exclusive remix) by Climbers feat Yasmine Asaiez
  • 'Tree Talk' by Wild Culture
  • 'Let No Shadow Fall Upon You' (Radio Edit) by Drums of Death
  • 'Empire Is A Bitch (Fake Arab Spring Mix)' by Bigg Jus
  • 'Nothing Can Be True' by Guy Gerber
  • Tainted World (Kid Batchelor Rub Frankie Foncett Edit) by djmag
  • Muzikizum (Ben Gomori's Part Three) by X-Press 2
  • 'Moorish Idol' by Sian
  • 'Night Train' (Marble Players Remix) by Kyote
  • Night and Day (Andreas Saag's Unreleased Guitar Mix) by Josh Kleyton
  • 'Weird Friends ('Funky Cold Housi' Mix)' by Housemeister feat. P.O.S
  • Moon Song by The M Machine
  • My Panda Shall Fly & Will Ward: 'Caves' by djmag
  • Conspiracy (DJ Mag Intro Edit) by Angerfist
  • for DJMAG 2011 by MEGAMIX " MASH IT UP" by RED F/ DJFRED
  • Knockout by Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj
  • Welcome To DJMAG 2013 (Cocosiy & assNaut Remix) by DJ Eric First feat. DJ Driman
  • PREMIERE: Disco Fries & Damien Anthony by Get Up
  • Electro Spinnin Records 2013 Djmag by Juan Sebastian Marin 1
  • DJ MAGGIK Latibia Mix by DJMAG1K
  • One More Cannonball Night (Alessandro Vinai Mashup) edit by Showtek vs Maroon 5
  • 'Magic' Feat. Candida by PREMIERE: Pattern Drama
41 tracks
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