Mark Faviell
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Mash it up


All sorts of cool mash-ups that span the genres

  • John Lennon + Bob Marley + Noel Gallagher (MASHUP) by Universo Back
  • Plus1Music by Arty vs. Oasis Mashup
  • REM VS QUEEN MASHUP "Under Supernatural Pressure" by Valerio Zappa
  • Justin Bieber V s Flo Rida (Mashup) Boyfriend Whistle [HD] by HEID I
  • YouNeedAlabama Mashup by INXS vs Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Fleetwood Mac Dre mashup by stirfriedcompost
  • WALAS 2011 by Peter Bjorn and John & Foster the People Mashup
  • Deep Outta Space (mashup) by SubFocus vs Peter Tosh
  • Linkin Park & Jay Z mashup by DjDex
  • Stevie Wonder & ODB (Stu Boogie Mashup) by My Shimmy Amour
  • Kate Bush v Immortal Technique 'Blow Away The illuminati' by blessedlovestudio
  • Smells Like Kate Bush (live acoustic mashup) by Mark Northfield
  • Stayin' Alive In The Wall (Bee Gees Vs. Pink Floyd) mashup classic rock by Wax Audio
  • Walls of Nazareth (Galvanize Mashup) by Justice & Pink Floyd
  • Pink Floyd Time Remix by Pretty Lights
15 tracks
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