Mark Faviell
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Renegade Soundwave

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Please don't take this as a criticism, but could you please tell your uploaders to ensure that they enter the TRACK TITLE FIRST, and the ARTIST SECOND…? I'm using your mixes to broaden my house/techno/DnB/ragga/jungle/rap/hip-hop, etc., knowledge, and it doesn't help if the info tags are inverted! Unity 2 'Buckwheat The Rebel' being a case in point. By the way, it skipped 'Humanoid'; it's only been favourited because I think you had it in another list. You might want to check your ID3 tags as, apparently, 8Tracks has been dicking around with lists, replacing uploaded versions with other versions and leaving the tags pointing to the original so, obviously, the track doesn't play. This is according to a DJ going by the name of 'ericorbit'.