Mark Faviell
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Street Sounds: Barcelona


The EDM sounds of the Barcelona clubs and streets

  • The Saltire Wave by Downliners Sekt
  • Stay Close (RAC mix) by Delorean
  • Cabo San Roque vs. Luciano by Calypso 08
  • My Destiny Will Leave Me (Klepto vs. Matteo Lo Valvo Bootleg) by John Talabot
  • Incerta Glòria by Downliners Sekt
  • A. TrimTab (part one) by Downliners Sekt
  • Mirando Al Norte (Original Mix) by Manikmati
  • Sunshine (Santa Sanctorum No Sunshine Remix ) by John Talabot
  • Journeys (Marelli Roberto Re-Edit) by John Talabot
  • Deli (Animales Djs Remix) by Delorean
  • Real Love (Pional Remix) by Delorean
  • Vive Latino 2013 by Cabo San Roque
  • Telephone Travel (Bradien rmx) by 04
  • N in S (with John Giorno) by 06
  • Valera by 06
  • Plume by 05
  • Carles Lopez by A long way
  • CHICKS ON SPEED by Chicks on Speed
  • Hahmo by Pan Sonic
  • Vapina by Panasonic
  • Deadstone by Dave Tarrida
  • dave tarrida by Dave Tarrida
  • Shadowchaser (Dave Tarrida remix) Out now on Beatport! by Funk D'Void/ Outpost
  • El Dimoni Escuat by PAU RIBA . Jisàs de Natzarit
  • 02-S'ha mort l'estel del Pol by Pau Riba
  • Blue Monday (Lovemonk) by Los Fulanos
  • El Pan Y Los Dientes [Diesler Remix] by Los Fulanos
  • "Dimanche aux Goudes" rumbaton by Ai Ai Ai vs Massilia SS vs Txarly Brown & Adri
  • Los amaya vs txarly brown by Mystique Skiathos
30 tracks
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