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Suomisaundi, (English: "Finnish sound") also known as suomisoundi, suomistyge or spugedelic trance, is a style of freestyle psychedelic trance that originated in Finland around the mid-1990s. "Suomisaundi" literally means "Finnish sound" in Finnish;

  • Suomisaundi Jam by gogistyle19
  • Rumputuska by Omitomi
  • Syraterapi [TNRFREE004] (1min samples) by VA
  • Festiväälit by Hypnoosi
  • DixiE KrystalZ by Wildcard
  • Isldibissldi HipPie miX by EremiT
  • Energy Vibration (Goa Vibe RMX by Squaremeat) by Hedflux & Neurodriver
  • mukana Katri Puro by Sano
  • Rockstart (Hypnosea Remix) by D. Pride
  • Maahis_Depressio by Omitomi
  • Aamukasijazz (remix of Galaxy Express) by Omitomi
  • Black Water by Omitomi
  • Cpertad (Dissolved Reconfigured) by Mitoma
  • Ending [Mitoma Remix] by Mitoma
  • Bodily Fluids (Original 2003 Mix / 2012 Remaster) by Huopatossu Mononen
  • Jexx (Storm Day Mix 2005) by Huopatossu Mononen
  • Horny Remover (Pectopah-Mix 2006) by Huopatossu Mononen
  • Kaipaan by Huopatossu Mononen
  • LIVE-MIX 2009) by Huopatossu Mononen - Pikakelaus (REWIND ME TO THE FUTURE
  • Tekniset: Sabel Violince by Freakdance Records
  • Paha Tonttu by Tekniset
  • King Urhea by Tekniset
  • Ysin puhelu (Luomuhappo Dub) by Whyi
  • Call Me Ahab dub by Luomuhappo
  • Sputnik (James Reipas Remix) by Luomuhappo
  • Marklar 5 by Luomuhappo
  • Balagards Sidan by Luomuhappo
  • M-train To Kancho by Shiwa 2000
  • OKTA by Okta
  • Practice (Original mix) preview by Okta
  • Kyseesh by Okta
  • OKTA by Okta
33 tracks
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