Mark Faviell
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Team Schranz


The original Schranz sound is a harder, uptempo (about 150 BPM) Techno style inspired by Detroit Techno with reduced melodic elements. Schranz often features just single synth stabs or atmospheric sweeps with a major emphasis on percussion.

  • 月光 (Schranz Remix) by StackStorm
  • CURRENT VALUE by Current Value
  • Black Betty Schranz Remix by UFO Germany
  • Rihanna S&M Schranz Remix By Criebel by Criebel
  • Drugs beautiful (Schranz Remix) by AudioSyndikat
  • Midnight sun(schranz remix) by Alejandro Calvo Alba
  • Exorcist Theme (RAF Schranz remix) by R.A.F.
  • Felix Kröcher @ SSL Hardliner (mixcut) by kiwijoony69
  • Felix krocher by Felix Kröcher
  • Cry For You (Schranz Bootleg) by Steffen Schranz
  • The Leather Sea (Ade Fenton Suicide Mix) by Ade Fenton
  • STILL ALIVE ( D.O.H.T. 2013 ) by O.B.I.
  • Bloodsport ( O.B.I. Remix ) by Andi Teller
  • DJ Rush & Robert Natus by Truant
  • Lars Klein & Ryuji Takeuchi by ICHi
  • wasted time Sutura RMX cut by Robert Natus
  • Black Fate (Knobs remix) by Chris hope & Andre Walter
  • Soundcloud Edit) by Marc Romboy "The Advent" (Nic Fanciulli Remix
  • Brick House (A.D.I.N Mix) [Kombination Research] by The Advent & Industrialyzer & Jason Fernandes
  • Other Worlds (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix) [Kombination Research] by A.Paul
  • Cortosis (Chris Liebing Remix) by Brian Sanhaji
  • Lie Down In Darkness (Chris Liebing Dub Remix) by Moby
  • Auf und davon (Panic Tool) by Chris Liebing
  • Turbular Bell by Chris Liebing
  • Schranz MiX by RoX
25 tracks