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This is Skweee

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Skweee is a musical style, with origin in Sweden and Finland. Skweee combines simple synth/chiptune leads and basslines with funk, R&B or soul-like rhythms, overall rendering a stripped-down funky sound. The tracks are mostly entirely instrumental, though there are exceptions

  • We Could Be Skweeeroes (wertie's Back To London edit by Eero Johannes
  • Femme En Fourrure & Eero Johannes – Banana by upkeeptheape
  • Scanners by Mother North
  • up) by Eero Johannes & The Boys: Shake Your Rumpvagn (Koti6 Mash
  • The Drummer by Niki and the Dove
  • Get Free (Daniel Savio Remix) by Major Lazer
  • Marches by Generation Skweee
  • Daniel SAVIO Big Wiener by Mazout
  • Daniel Savio "Lucifer Rising" by XLR8R
  • City Lights (Daniel Savio SkweeeMix) by Canadian Winter
  • Skweee Perry (Out Now on "Skweee Inna Dancehall" Ancient Robot) by Synthemania Riddim
  • Still Time (Daniel Savio remix) by sidechild
  • Minigrip Walk (Eero Johannes remix) by Yöt
  • TV OFF by TV Off
  • Natt I SpÃ¥rvagnen by Eero Johannes
  • We Could Be Pourin' Up (Zen Zyskowicz remix) by Eero Johannes f. UGK
  • Fake Off (Eero Johannes Remix) by Jean Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket
  • Skweee Patrol by Sound.Farmer
  • Dirty by Generation Skweee
  • Out Now on Skweee Shanties, The Third (Tiburoni) by Southwest Bassing Slope
  • Deep Dub Skweee Monster (Skweee Perry Dub) by Electraswan
  • Wind Scene (Takuma Remix) by Avec Avec
  • 06 Sprutbass “Norsk dans” (Dødpop,2012) by gomag
  • 04Daniel Savio “Revolt” (Dødpop,2012) by gomag
  • RnBully by Beatbully
  • Event Horizon (Melkeveien Remix) by Sandra Kolstad
  • Greg Says... out now on POISONOUS GASES presents SKWEEE CRUISE by mlr
  • Planet Mu by Eskmo : "Let Them Sing"
  • ft. Fabian,Potato finger,Rydoom,and Babylon Zoo by BABYLONIAN SPACEMAN
  • [ANRT001] Iron Logic 12" Compilation Teaser by Ancient Robot
  • [ANRT002] Skweee Inna Dancehall Compilation Teaser by Ancient Robot
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