Is this playlist safe for work?

Eat More Protein

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(I'm that chick that likes Newsies who reblogged this lol) Yo I was gonna reply to your ask but I screwed up and I accidentally posted it so I figured I'd delete that and reply here. I love Newsies! and Jack/Bittle! so this playlist is like a dream. One of the worst things about my existence is that Davey is one of my dream roles, but alas, I am a girl. but yeah! Love the playlist!

@telling-myself-lies oh hey! sorry i didn't get this notification until just now. I've done thw same thing before! same here. same here. and thank you! Davey is also one of my dream roles, and while i can sing the part, I could never get the role bc of type casting. So instead I decided to have Katherine be my new dream role.