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A ringing, chanting, shining knight


I said, You must let this world move through you— beauty & strangeness. Your heart is a bird, shot mid-flight. Amber of memory. Time’s molten spine. The slow calcification of pain into any kind of wisdom. The unendurable is yet endured by many. Birth & death. Violence & peace. The multitudinous chaos of the moment. The soft pulp of the moment. The nectar-sweet ache of the soul. I said All I want is transcendent bliss forever & ever. Is that too much to ask? To be ruptured by rapture & to lie back under a wild sky, wearing its coat of light. I said, I have let this world move through me— beauty & strangeness. I have endured the unendurable. My heart was a holy war. Now, kiss me with your mouth filled with blood & feathers.

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