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Non-Rage Playlist

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Request: Because of the license thing only allowing a certain number of playthroughs per 8 hours, can you mirror this mix with a few songs changed like 4 times so I can listen to it non-stop for a long time? If you could that would be awesome.

@SomeLions okay, so you would like me to make the mix repeat in a way? any songs you would want to not repeat and any you would want added in? also how long would you like it to be?

@17-38 Same playlist, just so that I can listen to it more than once. If you could do that, it would be awesome. If you can't it's not a big deal.

@17-38 Come to think of it, I could do without the "No Bad Vibez" and "Marble Soda" songs in the playlist, and maybe you would like to add Panty and Stocking's Fly Away Now song.