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hwi's super-secret favorite music for cute cars


“Being human seems complicated to me. I prefer to be a car.”

Sentient cars playing their favorite songs to themselves while self-driving around and flirting with taxis.

Hermann is confused by the mileage on the odometer. And the preloaded songs.

Newt sings duets and backup harmonies.


photo by andreas hesse

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2 comments on hwi's super-secret favorite music for cute cars

All I can imagine is Newt screaming Bad Girls at the top of his lungs and Hwi refuses to change the song and Hermann is just. So confused and it's hilarious and adorable oh nO

@lilliquinn To be honest, I feel the same way about Glove Comprtmnt, with Newt and Hwi shouting the call/response at each other as loudly as they can and Hermann wonders at what point this became his life and his family. <3