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Hola y mil gracias.
Y también se podria añadir Haugebonden con Bukkene Bruse.
En inglés es llamado "Spirit of the grove"
Tal vez le gusta

When I was making "The call..." I was originaly thinking in a title very similar to this and actually looked for images by Hieronymus Bosch. You know, finally, it ended up with different title and artwork, but still I'm wondering if 'Aion' had something to do with it, it surely makes some kind of atraction.
I'm glad to see it's not only the musical taste to share but also the awareness of what's beyond, behind the veil.

Funny you should mention that! It was actually through Bosch that I discovered DCD in the first place. I remember this sunny day a long time ago when perusing in a music shop I accidentally stumbled upon an interesting-looking cassette. I took a closer look closer:"Damn! a detail from the central panel of Hortus Deliciarum! Aion for an album name! These guys deserve a blind buy!" a quick look at the song titles and descriptions and I was sure - "a blind buy it is". Once I listened to the tape at home....oh, well - the rest is history!

Nice and interesting story. Thanks for sharing.
(I hope you saw my other comment I left at the bottom, the one about paganism)