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Going Down in Style


An unofficial fanmix celebrating the lovely askmarshandbroflovski ask blog on Tumblr. Mostly trying to capture the feeling of the story-arch of Stan going to rehab.

Great story with great art. Check it out here!:

13 tracks
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man this playlist is super great for the askblog! i love how it all kind of mixes into that part of the story and it really takes me back to when i wrote a lot of it out. this whole thing is a big nostalgia bomb and i dont know how i didnt see it earlier! keep up the good work!

@jovishark Whoa, that's so incredibly cool!! Thanks so much for saying so, I'm so psyched you liked it! By the way, I have to say your blog's inspirational-- both in the traditional sense and as a writer. Every character's emotions are so clear. The conflict comes about naturally and realistically. I absolutely adore it, start to finish (well, where we are now lol). Thanks for the awesome compliments and for your hard work and effort. You rock!