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Bitten | Infected


An instrumental mix for the almost-survivor.
I wouldn't recommend listening to this at night, because towards the end it gets a little... unsettling.
{Will be updated with more parts soon.}

I've made a playlist on youtube with these songs so you can also listen to them there if you'd like:

Thank you for all your kind words
Updated: 12/5/18

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It's been years since I've last listened to your playlist (since I've last been on 8tracks at all). A lot has happened since then and this story resonates more strongly and devastatingly than ever.

I know this is about a world infected and a life ended in being bitten and turning into a zombie. But, this resonates so deeply with me. This playlist feels like it hits you at the center. Right at the core of everything. It's so well put together. This playlist is so descriptive you did such a good job.

I'm only over half way through this playlist but so far there hasn't been a single song that I haven't absolutely loved!

I've listened to this mix (story) again and again and am moved every time. The tone it sets is wonderful and consistent, never jolting you out of the mood but changing the mood, morphing from one thing to another. And really, it IS a transformation, isn't it? Thank you for sharing.