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Over 100 songs/instrumentals from the games that made you feel like you were home.

Feel free to suggest songs/games you would like to see more of or have added to this mix c:

Changes will be made, music added, and songs rearranged later. Thank you for your patience uwu

See the complete tracklist here:

UPDATED: 10/20/14

106 tracks
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One of my favourite playlists ever-sadly with the new 8tracks policy I cant listen to it anymore so I wanted to ask if your tumblr post is up to date? That way I can at least download all the songs

Really good! I like the variety in all of the tracks. Might want to update your tracklist on Tumblr to reflect the current tracklist, though.

I didn't go through all the playlist yet, but i'd suggest adding songs of Ori and the blind forest. The music in this game is simply majestic!