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Get drunk, put on Gloria and you will start liking at least that song a whole lot more. The next weekend you will want to go to a bar with a karaoke machine to get to spell the name in public. Speaking of spelling, you being a girl and hence having superior multitasking capabilities, can manage this test? Form your hand as if you're pointing a something. Focus on your index finger and then slowly raise your arm while you loudly spell out the following letters: i m e t. Can you do it?

Too kind! Too kind. I don't know this Prescilla song you speak of, but will be looking it up shortly... As far as patti smith goes, I always think about how I should get more into her music, but just never get around to it. Television is another one of those bands for me too... and jazz music in general... Anyway, thanks!

Girl! You have made my day today. If Prescilla with Bat for Lashes, a long time favourite of mine, had been in there too it would almost have been perfect. It would have been perfect if you had included Gloria with Patti Smith, but you are excused since that is a cover.

Ms. MaryBeverly,

You have the most incredible range: the Beatles to Beth Orton; Aretha to the Killers; the Allman Bros to Vampire Weekend; Hold Steady to Fleetwood Mac (which is particularly clever) . . . just, wow.

So glad everyone's enjoying the playlist! :)

For the record, the "boy" one I just posted was much harder to do... I just couldn't bring myself to put such songs as "Tyrone" on just because they fit the bill.